Missouri Botanical Garden

The Missouri Botanical Garden was established in 1859 and it is is one of the oldest botanical institutions in the history of the United States. The Missouri Botanical Garden is not only a center for botanical research and science education, it also has a reputation internationally.  There are 79 acres of splendid horticultural display, including the Victorian District, the Chinese Garden, English Woodland Garden, and the Ottoman Garden.


The gardens are definitely a site to see if you are a nature lover. You can spend hours wandering around taking pictures and just enjoying all the beauty. If you don’t like walking, you can also take a team and enjoy a wonderful narration of the gardens. The Victorian gardens are a beautiful site with a very memorable layout. Perhaps the best though is he Japanese gardens.  The bonsai trees have been trimmed to perfection.  There is also a shrine to a tea house to a koi feeding area.  Lastly, there is a wonderful Japanese style bridge that is breath taking and that you must snap a few pictures of.

Japanese Garden

The Grigg Nanjing Friendship Chinese Garden is also a very lovely garden.  You can get a grasp of Chinese botanical culture and plants.  It it very well layed out and if you take your time, you can snap some very remarkable and memorable pictures.  Inside the Chinese garden are gifts from St. Louis’s sister city Nanjing, which include a moon gate, a lotus gate, and a pavilion.  The Missouri Botanical Garden is also a place for some cultural festivals, including the the Chinese Culture Days and the Japanese Festival.   During the festival, you can see many of the culture’s plants as well as other cultural  arts, crafts, music and food.